The CDFS High Summer D-Under Foil and Epee Tournament will be on August 21st, 2010…

D & Under Mixed Foil open to D and under rated USFA fencers age 13 and up. One round of pools followed by direct elimination.

Unrated Mixed Epee open to unrated USFA fencers age 13 and up.

Equipment and uniforms must comply with USFA rules and regulations. Registration fee of $15 accepted at the door.

Medals will be awarded to the first four fencers.

If sufficient interest, an additional Unrated Mixed Foil tournament will be run after the D tournament is completed. The results from the foil pool will be used to seed the Unrated direct eliminations.

Events Scheduled:
D & Under Mixed Foil
Unrated Mixed Epee
Unrated Mixed Foil (if sufficient interest)

Please Preregister on

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