The Hudson-Berkshire had some greatresults this past week at the 2011 US Fencing Summer NationalChampionships and North American Cup. Four Hudson-Berkshire Clubshad students that earned top 32 results at the event. These clubsare Beaches Saber Club, The Phoenix Center, and Putnam County FencingCenter, and Vassar Fencing Club.

From Beaches Saber Club, GillianLitynski placed 3rd in Div 1A Women’s Saber and took 1stin Div 2 Women’s Saber. Also, Danny Berliner (who has representedboth SON and BSC) took first in Div 1A Men’s Saber. Beaches SaberClub coach Carolyn Washburn earned 2 Coaches Medals at this event.

From The Phoenix Center, WilliamBarnhart placed 3rd in Div 2 Men’s Epee, Aaron Pape took27th in Div 3 Men’s Epee, and Dan McCarthy took 12thin Vet 50 Men’s Foil. The Phoenix Center also had fencers fromoutside the HB division that they coached take top 32. This includesAnya Michaelsen (25th Y14 Women’s Foil) and Rhett Courser (16th Div 2 Men’s Epee, 17th Div 3 Men’s Epee,and 28th U16 Men’s Epee).

The Phoenix Center also hosted a teamfor Vet Men’s Epee and they took 16th. This team consisted of BruceGillman, Martin Soyka, and Joe Rouse.

From Putnam County Fencing Center, clubowners Lasha Sopromadze and Michelle Verhave both fenced and placedwell. Lasha took 11th in Div 1A Men’s Epee and MichelleVerhave took 3rd in Vet 50 Women’s Foil. Michelle’s greatfinish qualified her for the Vet 50 Women’s Foil Team.

Their students also had some greatfinishes with Asa Wong taking 16th in the Y10 Men’s Foilevent, Joanne Carmanucci taking 16th in the Y14 Women’sFoil event and 14th in the Div 2 Women’s Foil event,Hunter Candreva took 9th in Y10 Men’s Epee GabrielHarrison took 13th in the same event, and Greta Candrevatook 27th in Y10 Women’s Foil.

From Vassar Fencing Club, Brian Rousetook 26th in Div 1A Men’s Epee.

Other Hudson Berkshire athletes thatshowed great performances were Mandeep Bhinder and Will Spear. Mandeep took 9th in U16 Women’s Epee and 30thin U19 Women’s Epee. Will Spear took 5th in U19 Men’sSaber.

Congratulations to all the clubs andathletes in our division for having such great results!

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