A letter from the Chair…

Attention: Hudson Berkshire Division Member and Clubs
Effective December 31, 2015 I am resigning as Chair of the Division
With my son Connor moving onto college next year and fencing NCAA. With the demands of Work and my family I will no longer be able to balance the dedication and time required to being Chair of the Division.

After two years acting as Chair of the Hudson Berkshire Division it has been a pleasure working with everyone thru this time. I feel we have made good strides in upgrading parts of the Division infrastructure

· Web site page for the Division look great and is mostly up to date.

· Updating the (By Laws) for the division during my time as Chair helping to guide it into the next decade.

It has been a please working with everyone on the board and a special thanks to Bruce Gillman at Vassar for all he does for the Division.

Thanks again to all that have help myself and the board members make a difference over the past two year in the Division future.   

Duncan Rounds

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