Next week, 16 year old Hudson-Berkshire saber fencer Julian Richards ll flies out to Sochi, Russia to fence at the 2018 European Championships.  He will fence both the individual and team events as a member of the United Kingdom’s Cadet National Team.  Julian will be headed to Verona, Italy this April where he will fence at the Cadet World Championships for Team GB.  

Julian is a dual national of British and American ancestry.  He was invited to fence internationally for Team GB for the 2017-2018 season after winning silver in Cadet MS at the British National Championships last July.


At his very first Cadet World Cup event in Gödöllö, Hungary this past October, Julian surprised many there by finishing in the Top 16.  He also anchored Team United Kingdom 1 where he was the only fencer to defeat every fencer on Team Italy 1 who went on to win bronze.

At his second Cadet World Cup, Julian won bronze in the individual event.  The following day, he anchored gold medal winning United Kingdom 1 in the team event.  Below is a photo of Julian receiving his gold medal at the Olympic Copper Box Arena in London, England, UK. 



At his third World Cup in Eislingen, Germanylast December,Julian defeated the American gold medallist in Cadet MS from the October NAC.  He finished his 2017-2018 regular season as the top Cadet in England and is currently ranked second in the United Kingdom. 

Via the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) Cadet World Rankings, Julian is currently ranked 25th out of 618 fencers.  Furthermore, Team United Kingdom 1 is in second place in the World Team Rankings behind only Team Hungary 1.

Last month, Julian received FIE points after fencing at his first Junior World Cup in Phoenix.  With an eye to the future, Julian is rounding out his final year in Cadets with a British U20/Junior Sabre ranking that places him as the youngest fencer in the Top 10.  Fencers in the Top 12 automatically qualify for Junior World Cups, so Julian is stoked to begin the 2018-2019 season, saber in hand! 
“I want to thank the kind and supportive folks in the Hudson-Berkshire Division that work hard to keep the wonderful sport of fencing alive.  Without you, kids like me would never have taken the first important steps to fall in love with this amazingly fun and cool sport.”  ~ Julian Richards ll

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