Julian Richards ll on the 2018 Commonwealth Championships finals piste

After finishing Top 32 at the Cadet World Championships in Verona this past April and then reaching Top 8 at the British Senior Championships a week later, Julian Richards II achieved Top 8 in Junior Men’s Saber at the US National Fencing Championships and July Challenge (aka. Summer Nationals) in St. Louis on June 28.

In late July, Julian headed to Newcastle, England for the 2018 Commonwealth Junior and Cadet Championships. The Commonwealth Junior and Cadet Championships is an exciting international event held every three years which attracted fencers from 17 different Commonwealth nations across the globe this year. As England’s top U17 sabreur of the 2017-2018 season, 16 year old Julian represented Team England in Cadet Men’s Sabre, where he won double gold in the Individual and Team events.

When asked what was the most memorable things he experienced at the Commonwealth Championships, Julian said, “Other than winning gold, the best feeling was being part of the great Team unity across all three weapons. Getting to know fencers from many different cultures all over the world over five days of competition was really fun. My teammates were good guys on and off the piste and they made it look easy. I can’t wait to do this again with all of them three years from now.”


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