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Location: Phoenix Center, 250 Hooker Avenue Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Hudson Berkshire Division Fencers Only – Summer National Qualifiers for Y14,Div 2 and 3 Men and Women,Foil, Epee and Sabre .

Must be a member of USFA Hudson Berkshire Division.

ENTRY FEES ARE $40 per individual event.

Events Scheduled:
Div2/3 Women’s Epee
Div2/3 Women’s Foil
Div2/3 Women’s Saber
Div2/3 Men’s Epee
Div2/3 Men’s Foil
Div2/3 Men’s Saber
Y14 Women’s Epee
Y14 Women’s Foil
Y14 Women’s Sabre
Y14 Men’s Epee
Y14 Men’s Foil
Y14 Men’s Sabre

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