USA Fencing is going to be recommending that all tournaments be pushed back till at least after April 6th.

With numerous Regional and National Tournaments having to be rescheduled there may be a lack of available date to host our National Qualifiers.

So in response to this unprecedented situation we will be modifying the qualifiers in the following way(s)

Close of Registration will be on March 29th. Walk-in registration will not be allowed for this event.

Any events with Three or Fewer fencers will not be fenced and their qualification status processed

Any events with Four or more Fencers will be fenced at a later time.

We will look at the entries, in terms of size and club basis and work to find a suitable date to run that specific event.

Some events may not run on the same day to try to ensure that the athletes who are also pre-registered for other postponed events can participate in as many as possible.

Again, this is an unprecedented situation with still many unknowns. This will not be the Division’s process for future events.

Phoenix Center
250 Hooker Avenue Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Must be a member of USFA Hudson Berkshire Division.


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