Attn: Club Owners, Club Members, Division Members

It’s been another year already and it is that time of the year again to have our per meeting and schedule our Spring meeting for 2015-2016 season.

Below is the Agenda for the pre meeting to set location / time / date for the Spring meeting.

We will be having a meeting at the Qualifiers at Vassar College on April 12, 2015. The meeting will be held after the qualifiers are completed at the venue.

The agenda for the meeting:

Determine where to have the Spring meeting
        Date when to have the meeting
        Where to have the meeting
        Any topics that any club would like to have addressed during the Spring meeting.

Spring Meeting Agenda

Reports from the officers:
        Business from the 2014 year to review 2014-2015 year
        What worked for the clubs and division in 2014 and what needs to be done to improve for 2015
        Web site review
        How the finances for the division stand
        How the sponsored tournaments did in 2014-2015

chair, vice chair, secretary , and treasurer, from the nominations submitted via email to you according to the bylaws.
Division Chair: Duncan Rounds
Vice-Chair: Beth Patterson
Secretary: John O’Mara
Treasurer: Karen Gumport

Old Business:
Ratification of the updates to the bylaws and anything brought up at the last meeting and left unresolved.

New Business:
Whatever is submitted.

Good of the order


Post and email the agenda prior to the meeting as indicated by the bylaws and post and email the minutes afterwards.


Duncan Rounds
Hudson-Berkshire Division of the United States Fencing Associtation (USFA)

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