Meeting minutes spring meeting held on 5-09-2015

Meeting held at John O’Mara home
Attendees at the meeting
Duncan Rounds
John O’Mara
Bruce Gilman
Christina Massiala-Vaka
Caria Grumport
Beth Patterson
Kathy Hattala
The following items were voted on and adopted by the board
1: Revisions to the Bylaws for the HB division were adopted and approved by the all attending the meeting.
2: The use of Ask Fred to collect at time of registration for NYS championships and the Attila Petschaeur (SP), and the Division qualifiers
Also Karen Grumport will be talking to the bank about signing up for using square for all cash transaction at tournaments.
This was adopted by all attending the meeting.
3: Jeff Schimpf was retained again for 2015 – 2016 year to maintain the HBD web page.
This was adopted by all attending the meeting.
4: Qualifiers registration will be increase from $20.00 to $30.00
   This was adopted by all attending the meeting.
5: The board voted on and approved the currant board of directors will remain the same

Division Officers

Division Chair: Duncan Rounds

Vice-Chair: Beth Patterson

Secretary: John O’Mara

Treasurer: Karen Gumport

Other items review during the meeting:
1: Reviewed the financial of the division (we’re they stand YTD) final number will be closed by July 31 2015. This will be reviewed by the board in detail then.
2: Review of the Sponsored events by the division.
      Turn out of fencers
      Profitability of the events
      Any improvement we could make to increase turn out
      Paying online vs cash at the door
 3: Christina asked if we would help reach out and help with development of the High School development of fencing programs at schools.
This will be taken under review and the board will do what we can allowed under our bylaws and In our divisional area.
4: Duncan ask to help make the RPI tournament more fencer friendly (IE offer help with bought committee, better judging ext. )
I will reach out to Tyler Ford and offer our help.
I would like to thank John and Kathy for hosting the meeting and cooking the great lunch for everyone.
Duncan Rounds
Division Chair

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