Dear Hudson Berkshire Division Executive Committee Members,

The Hudson Berkshire Division has the opportunity to purchase some very good grounded strips from Bernie Desautels, who ran Berkshire Buccaneers, an HB member club.

The club is no longer in operation and the strips are not presently being used.

The price for the 2 strips is $1500 per strip – a good price for the quality of strip manufactured by Leon Paul.

I suggest that the HB Division purchase the strips for use at the Division Qualifying events. They can be stored at Vassar and will only be used for tournaments.

If a member club wishes to purchase them from the Division, they can do so.

It is a shame to have good grounded strips sitting unused, when we can put them to use.

Does anyone have any objections to the HB Division purchasing.

We will look for anyone response and review them.

From we will make a final decision one week after this is posted on the HBD web page.

Please respond via the web site or contact anyone of the board member if you would like to talk more about this purchase.

Duncan Rounds
Chairman HB division

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